The Institute will undertake research and evaluation in....

(i) Policy and Practice of Adult and Lifelong Education in different States/Union Territories
    in India and select countries,
(ii) Review of researches and evaluations in Adult Education : Implications for
     improvement of policy and programmes,
(iii) Role of NGOs in adult education,
(iv) Preparation of statistical database on literacy.


The following activities will be undertaken.

(i)     Preparation of annotated bibliographies.
(ii)    Documentation of field experiences of select projects.
(iii)   Oral History project : Recording the experiences of eminent adult educators. The oral transcripts
        will be regularly published.
(iv)    Publication of monographs, books and an International Journal.
(v)     Developing a national repository of adult education publications.
(vi)    Developing an archive of adult education materials and private papers of individuals connected
         with adult education.
(vii)   Dissemination at national and international level.
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