The mission of the Institute will be to professionalize adult education by strengthening and promoting it as a distinct but distinguished field of practice and discipline of study. This may entail improving different aspects, viz. curriculum, training methodologies and materials, evaluation, research, documentation, publications, networking and advocacy. The Institute will not only pursue the mission of developing a cadre of professional adult and lifelong educators but also sensitize the policy makers and administrators regarding the significance of adult and lifelong education and its role in development. Promotion of peace, international understanding and communal harmony through adult & lifelong education will be the crucial concerns of the Institute. The scope of activities shall include adult basic literacy, post-literacy, continuing education, population education, open distance learning, workers education, non-formal education, education of older adults and life-long learning/education.

The following objectives will be pursued either directly or in collaboration with other institutions in
India and overseas.
i Offering a wide range of courses viz., certificate, diploma,degree and doctorate
ii Enhancement of professional knowledge, understanding and competence of the functionaries of adult and lifelong education at various levels
iii Orientation of administrators and policy planners in adult and lifelong education.
iv Designing new models of adult basic literacy and continuing education programmes and training
v Development of innovative materials for neoliterates
vi Promotion of research, evaluation and innovations in adult and lifelong education
vii Documentation and dissemination
viii Networking
ix Advocacy
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